More direct customer service on our website

In Kemtecnia we give vital importance to dealing with our clients. This is one of our identifying marks: continuous support and availability, characteristics that define us in the offline world and which we intend to incorporate into the online world.

For this reason, one of the decisions we have taken is to incorporate new forms of communication with the people who visit our website. And the choice was relatively simple. What is the most widely used program in terms of communication between people? Without a doubt, you already know the answer: WhatsApp.

Just look at the bottom right of the screen on this page. You see the WhatsApp logo, right? Well, it’s our way of making things simple for you.

If you click on the WhatsApp button, a small window opens that simulates the chat appearance of the application. If you want to talk to us directly through the app, just hit ‘open chat’. This can be done from any device: mobile, tablet or computer.

On the other side will be someone from our team, who will help you solve any doubts you may have regarding Kemtecnia or its services. This way it is more agile for you, if you do not want to call or send us a contact form.

I don’t have WhatsApp or don’t want to use it

You do not have to write to us through WhatsApp. It’s just another option we give to potential customers, but it’s not the only one. If you want to talk to us, you can call us, email us or fill in a form. You can find all our details in our contact section.

With this novelty in our web pages, our objective is to bring to the digital world one of our signs of identity: our availability and proximity.

So… Shall we talk via WhatsApp?