7 frequently asked questions regarding photovoltaic self-consumption

If you have ever considered using solar energy… Congrats! That’s a very significant first step. However, it is inevitable for you to have some doubts, for example, the impact on your money –or your company’s money- when using this kind of systems.

Because of that, we have prepared this article. We are going to answer the seven most frequent questions appearing when we are considering to use photovoltaic self-consumption.

What is photovoltaic energy?

The first thing you need to know is that the final product is electric energy, for direct consumption at your home or company. But the rules of the game have changed.

On the traditional system, the consumer hires the services of an electrical company, which provides the energy to the client. On photovoltaic self-consumption, it is the client –or company- who generates his own energy using solar panels.

This is possible because the panels transform solar light into electric energy. Can you imagine the impact of this on your monthly bill? We will look into this on a bit.

Do I have to keep up with my electric company?

There is not a definitive answer to this question. You are free to do it or not, but you have to know you can drop out from your electrical company. In order to do that, our photovoltaic installation will need to have enough panels and batteries for generating electricity every day. This is known as isolated system, which is completely legal nowadays.

What is the cost of Solar Energy?

This is a very interesting question, because the answer will determine the impact on your pocket. Long story short is: less tan you may think.

You need to look into this as an investment that should be amortized in 4 or 6 years. The impact is instant of your bill because of the savings you will make out of the installations. Of course, these systems has its own costs (solar panels, inverter, installation, etc.).

The good news is, you can finance it and make profit of it in terms of profitability. You can save up to the 80% on your bill. This number may be affected on the place you live, the power you need, the fact of leaving behind your electrical company, etc.

Also, there are grants and fiscal benefits which lower the total price. They depend on your geographic location, you don’t have to worry about them, here in Kemtecnia we can advise you about every little detail.

Will I have electricity if the day is cloudy?

This is a very common question, it’s easy to understand why, because the electricity depends on the Sun… What happens it the weather it’s not sunny?

Everyone knows a summer day is very different from a winter one. But solar panels use solar radiation, not heat, and they are more efficient with colder temperatures.

As a conclusion: solar panels produce less electricity but this amount will be more tan enough for your supply.

Why is everyone talking about Solar Energy?

We are now entering renewable energies’ domain. Solar energy, is only one of them, and it is powered by a natural source. Because of that, this energy, contributes to lower the emissions and to fight against climatic change.

Traditional energy sources, as petrol, coal or gas, have date of expiry and their impact on the environment is harmful. As a result of that, relying on renewable energies has an ethical and solidary component.

Will I consume all my energy production?

Solar panels are “working” all day long. This means they are generating electrical energy without rest. So, it is easy to deduct, that is virtually impossible for you to consume all generated energy.

What happens with that non consumed energy? We have two different scenarios here. On the first one, you decided to keep your relationship with your electrical company, the surplus is spilled on the network and then you are compensated on your bill. Did you decide to part ways with your electrical company? In that case you should count with batteries in order to storage that electricity or you will lose it.

How do I get a photovoltaic installation?

This is the simplest question of them all. Here in Kemtecnia, we design, install and take care of your photovoltaic installation. You only have to fill this form or contact us on info@kemtecnia.com.

We have qualified staff who will answer all your questions and doubts. By the way, do you know you can control in real time your consumption using an app? This one should have been the 8th question, maybe.

Join the Green revolution.